When I sit with someone ‘one to one’ or engage with a group in a workshop, or connect with people online, or stand before an audience, I see possibilities and passion and potential.

As a Coach, an Educator, an Author and International Speaker, I navigate with YOU as you sit in the drivers’ seat of your PERSONAL BRAND. Your authentic identity is unique to you and becomes the catalyst that engages.

It has never been more important than it is today, in a world that is becoming globally connected, to know your identity, to communicate that effectively, and to live in balance.

 By BEing BrandYOU, and living the best version of yourself each day, you add value to others whilst living the lifestyle you desire and deserve.

Who is Lorraine?

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Lorraine Taylor engages and motivates with a speaking style that captivates audiences.

Her authentic storytelling approach weaves and integrates core messages together so that audience members easily remember and can apply key techniques.

Her workshops are collaborative and action oriented using a variety of transformational strategies to learning.

Lorraine combines her passion, research, knowledge, skills, and talents to add value to each event.

Audiences are given the tools they need to reach their potential.

Lorraine engages, empowers and educates International audiences.

2019   “Be BrandYOU”,  Academy Intensive,  National Speakers New Zealand,  Auckland, New Zealand.
2019   “IMPACT Leadership”,  Expert Speaker,  Melaka, Malaysia
2019   “Expand Horizons: Speak and Lead Online”,  Expert Speaker,   Melaka, Malaysia
2018   “Communicating in the Digital Age”,  Expert Speaker,   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2017   “Virtual Connections”,  Toastmasters International Conference,   Moscow, Russia
2017    “Confessions of a Global Nomad”,   the One and Only Event,   Manama, Bahrain
2016   “Passion to Potential”,   Mohammed Ali Memorial Event,   Manama, Bahrain
2016   “Connecting Globally”,  Toastmasters International District 72,   Rotorua, New Zealand
2016   “Third Culture Kids”,  Gulf Education and Training Exhibition,   Dubai, UAE
2014   “Emotional Intelligence of Cultural Teams”,  Toastmasters District Conference,   Muscat, Oman
2012   “Strategically Manage Your Online Presence”, ULearn International Conference,   Auckland, New Zealand

TAYLOR made keynotes, presentations and workshops are custom-fit to enhance your next event.

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This is a well-structured, go-to manual that offers the basic guidelines on how to carve a meaningful personal path in a world that is often too busy and too noisy. It acts as a good reminder of things we already know but we frequently forget, and assists the reader in creating order in an otherwise obscure and chaotic process.

Konstantina Sakellariou, Author/ Advisor for Europe - Rahhalah Explorers, Greece

In the past couple of years, I have entered a new phase of my life that involved a lot of self-development, letting go of who I have told myself to be, changing habits of many years and patterns that I never thought I could break. At times these changes have been very challenging.

When I started Lorraine’s book, It almost became like a road map that I was looking for to guide me through the path of change. Change comes when we believe it is possible but

also when we open our minds to the potential. This book was certainly a huge help towards navigating to achieve my full potential. I have read it more than once. I have highlighted and marked many parts and some I go back to on a weekly basis to remind myself of how to best brand myself.

I cannot recommend the book enough to anyone looking to cultivate personal excellence.


Sepideh Moussavi, Founder & Director Prime Institute, Iran and UK

The book Be BrandYOU is simple and easy to understand. Lorraine’s way of writing is sincere and endearing. Her motivation is gentle and encouraging. The questions that she adds within the BrandWork guide the reader and allow them to think and take action according to their circumstances.

Overall, a truly amazing and practical read.

Ann Goh, Melaka, Malaysia

One of my deepest beliefs and highest values is that “being true to yourself is your fastest route to success”. And as a coach myself, I value the effect a coach leaves in the client’s journey and life. Lorraine Taylor was the perfect coach at the perfect time; in an experience that proved to me: she’s a great coach EVERY TIME for anyone who wants to be a WINNER without LOSING him- or herself.

Mohamed Shukri, A Top Ten Speaker in the World, 2006,Toastmasters Co-active Coach, Life Speaker Bahrain

Before I started working with Lorraine on my speech I felt overwhelmed and lost. I had so much information I wanted to share and was confused about how much of my own story I put into the walk and when. During my first session with Lorraine we changed the whole structure of my talk to be more engaging and authentic to me. We looked at ways to connect with the audience and make a lasting impact with some visualisation exercises and tools.

Nicola Beer, Relationship and Connection Specialist Dubai

Lorraine’s personal coaching helped me narrow down my career choices and define my purpose. She advised, pointed out my points of strength, pin pointed my areas of improvement, and followed up on every single aspect related to my branding. I found her commenting on every Facebook post, on every tweet, on every Instagram post and even kept an eye on my LinkedIn.

Sadika Keebi, Trainer/Coach/Inspirational Speaker/Writer/TEDx Speaker Lebanon
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Your Personal Brand

Be Your Brand   –   Communicate Your Brand   –   Achieve Brand Balance

We all have a personal brand, it’s our reputation. Today our world continues to become more connected through global channels of communication and increased opportunities to travel. Your personal business may be located in a small town but, in fact, has access to a global market. Whether we meet people face to face, online, when buying their product or using their service, we like to connect with people personally. Today a personal brand is your reputation and a connection in the global marketplace.

“Are you strategically managing your personal brand reputation or are you allowing others to form their own opinions?”

There are many reasons that people choose to BE their own personal brand, their BrandYOU.

  • Are you starting out in your career and need to define your value in a competitive world?
  • Have you entered a new phase in life and have more time to develop your passion?
  • Do you want to work towards promotion in your career by showcasing you best qualities?
  • Are you ready to take the step to start your own business?
  • Do you dream of living a lifestyle where you earn an income from your passion?
  • Do you know that personal branding in the age of social media and global connectedness is essential?

Everyone today can benefit from building their personal brand and managing their reputation online and offline. Positioning your personal brand will open opportunities for you today and tomorrow.

You are the most talented, most interesting,
most extraordinary person in the universe,
and you are capable of amazing things
because you are the Special,
and so am I, and so is everyone else.
Emmet, Lego Movie

The TAYLOR MADE Personal Brand Journey


The TAYLOR MADE personal brand journey puts you in the driver’s seat of your personal brand. It focuses on your unique talents, skills and passions that offer you a chance to live a life that you desire and deserve.

Live the LIFE that you Desire and Deserve.

Be BrandYOU


Communicate Your Brand


Achieve Brand Balance


Make an IMPACToday


Becoming your Personal Brand

  • Identifyingand definingyour personal brand values, mission and vision.
  • Creating a compelling personal brand story.
  • Being motivated and inspired to be your authentic self.
  • Prioritizingand setting up social media channels of most benefit.
  • Launching and upgradingyour personal LinkedIn and other profiles.
  • Developing skills as a dynamic speaker and communicator.
  • Becoming an expert in your niche passion.

Building Your Brand Community

  • Managing personal brand perception through content marketing.
  • Learning effect ways to listen and share with your community.
  • Connecting and collaborating with key influencers online.
  • Designing engaging workshops and events.
  • Becoming and author of a blog and book.
  • Sharing your message through video and live feed.

Living in Balance and Rhythm

  • Balancing the five areas of your personal brand lifestyle.
  • Using technology to streamline effective processes.
  • Developing habits that create lifestyle rhythm.
  • Staying true to your authentic brand mission and vision.
  • Managing effectively multiple tasks and demands.
  • Accomplishing quarterly and yearly targets based on brand goals.

Making an IMPACToday

  • Living your legacy daily, monthly and yearly.
  • Becoming a connection architect in the global community.
  • Sharing your message through multiple channels.
  • Taking advantage of new opportunities.
  • Being BrandYOU making an IMPACToday.

Lorraine Offers TAYLOR Made Services

Lorraine’s approach personalizes the personal branding process by offering a ‘custom fit’ services.

Personal Coaching

Coaching packages are integrated with Skype and Face-to-Face sessions.

Why Hire a Coach?

Group Workshops

Small group workshops are specially designed to meet specific needs.

Workshop Styles

Specialty Talks

Lorraine is a skilled speaker able to inspire and inform diverse audiences.

Specialty Topics

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