We Achieve What We Perceive

    Our perceptions become our reality.    I always wanted to write a book.  However, often times what we want to do never materialises.  Why is that?   Sometimes, it is because we never make the time to accomplish the dreams that we have.  But what happens if we do... read more

We Need Role Models

  Two years ago I had the opportunity to speak with a young University student in Dubai.  We were talking about our world today. Not about how noisy and complicated it is but how it is full of opportunities to learn and connect with people.  There are now many... read more

That Question “What Do You Do?”

    “So, what do you do?”   What           do                  you                            Do? Is THE question that has been repeated throughout my life.   I had a career as a teacher for 12 years.  Honestly, I loved it.  Teaching is one of those occupations... read more

Design Your Virtual Shop Window

  Social Media allows us to build relationships with people that share our interests and our passions. As we move into the virtual world we become ‘present’ there.  We develop an ‘online presence’ across the different platforms and networks of communication.  It is in... read more

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