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Have you lost sight of your identity in our busy world?

Do you understand what it means to have a personal brand?

Are you wanting to live a successful life in balance and rhythm?

These are big challenges we all face in our continually changing and globally connected world.

be BrandYOU

It’s about living the life you desire and deserve Today and Tomorrow.

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Sepideh Moussavi

Founder & Director Prime Institute

Iran and UK

In the past couple of years, I have entered a new phase of my life that involved a lot of self-development, letting go of who I have told myself to be, changing habits of many years and patterns that I never thought I could break. At times these changes have been very challenging.

When I started Lorraine’s book, It almost became like a road map that I was looking for to guide me through the path of change. Change comes when we believe it is possible but

also when we open our minds to the potential. This book was certainly a huge help towards navigating to achieve my full potential. I have read it more than once. I have highlighted and marked many parts and some I go back to on a weekly basis to remind myself of how to best brand myself.

I cannot recommend the book enough to anyone looking to cultivate personal excellence.

Alison Acott, MD


With the rise of social media and individualism in the last decade, the lines between personal and professional have been blurred. It is becoming ever more important, some would say crucial, to consider one’s brand. Be BrandYOU thoughtfully dissected the process for me to identify myself internally and externally, enabling me to set a consistent, forthright, and transparent impression to the world. Particularly for a Generation X woman in the medical field, I found the book Be BrandYOU invaluable to harness the power of my own brand, while also helping me define professional goals for the years ahead.

Sadika Kebbi

Storyteller and Speaker – Lebanon

A life I desire and deserve! I honestly never gave it a thought until I met Lorraine Taylor. She saw in me what I didn’t! She spotted the storyteller from day one, but she didn’t reveal her discovery.

Lorraine believes in our uniqueness. Be BrandYOU is a guide that takes you by the hand exactly like my mentor Lorraine took me by my hand and led me step by step towards the treasure buried within myself, towards my uniqueness.

Lorraine has shared her expertise and many of the stories that led to the birth of Be BrandYOU. This is a book where the soul and passion of its author has been poured into and is definitely worth reading!

Carole McCulloch

Distinguished Toastmaster – Australia

Many of us seek wisdom from others in our own journey towards being the best we can be. Recently I joined a social media group where people just like myself exchanged views on literary works that helped shape their lives. In one such post I saw a question from a member who asked “I am looking for more books about Awakening”. A multitude of responses resonated for me and proved that, right now there is a thirst for self-help books that are authentic, revelational, instructional and effective in feeding the soul. Be BrandYOU by Lorraine Taylor is a book with all of those qualities.

Lorraine has provided a plethora of human interest stories that resonate for me; her own memories and stories of self bring that authenticity I seek. She has structured the chapters to form a framework for building a better version of myself. I love the way in which modern day quotes and epithets are included to place its teachings in our current time frame. The Brand Work provided at the end of each chapter creates a practical application to which I can respond individually and innovatively. Lorraine’s writing style appeals to me and I love what I am reading.

Reading this book has opened a door for me and displays a new way to identify me. Its chapters will call me back at times when I am ready. It is a tool I can pick up and use along with the other literature, networks and mentors in my ‘life wide e-portfolio’. I look forward to being able to work with Lorraine, ‘Anam Cara’ – a valued soul friend, in building my own brand.

I will now happily recommend  Be BrandYOU to others who are seeking an authentic, practical and spiritual path towards self-fulfilment. ‘Brand You’ will help to shape the next decade for you.

Victoria Boigner

Supply Chain Business Operations, Belarus

Be BrandYOU is a well of useful, motivational information. The book is written in a very organised and coherent manner. It contains a practical part that encourages readers to start implementing knowledge and inspiration that they get as they read. It covers essentials about how to be OURSELVES in the high demanding and fast developing world that we now live. It guides us in how to not get lost in the huge flow of information that we are surrounded by each day. It assists with practical steps to prioritise opportunities, to set goals, to follow our purpose and passion and to ultimately live a life balanced, fulfilled and happy. Thank you Lorraine for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Christine Coombe,

Assistant Professor, UAE


As someone who has done a lot of self-development work over the past few years, I questioned whether I would really gain any new knowledge and information from this book.

What an eye opener!!!!  Lorraine Taylor’s Be BrandYou reinforced concepts and ideas that I was already familiar with and presented new information in a very engaging way.

Lorraine’s personal journey which is exemplified in the anecdotes she shares is an extremely effective way to bring these concepts home.  Regardless of your level of knowledge and self-awareness, you will gain a great deal  from this very important addition to the self-help/development literature.

Renata Lichtenecker

Finance and Operations Manager


Lorraine is a fascinating storyteller and her talent is reflected in her book.
I have just finished reading “ Be BrandYOU” for a second time as I find its message very inspiring for someone who wants to embrace passions and talents in every day life.
Be BrandYOU helped me to analyse how I interact with other people, because, as Lorraine writes, “community is much more that belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.”
Isn’t it brilliant?
This book will teach you how to live the best version of yourself in order to create a positive and meaningful impact, but at the same time keeping your integrity and uniqueness.
In other words, it wll assist you to bild your Personal Brand and I can’t think of anything more empowering.

Anki Tomic

Regional Manager – Croatia

Learning and Development

Lorraine has an amazing way with words. She writes with such ease that it allowed me to get to know me. I always thought that I had a good firm grasp of who I am but after reading Lorraine’s book Be BrandYOU I’ve discovered a whole new me and, boy, was I really glad to get to know me. She eases you with the concepts of discovering what your identity is in the multiple roles you play.  Then moves on to guide you in how you can use different channels to brand yourself through social media or the community that you interact. She inspired me to do all the activities, the “Brand Work” with enthusiasm, eagerly awaiting to see what I will discover about myself next. Most importantly, at the core of your personal brand is a needed balance that needs to occur between the different roles you are inwhile you continue to strive to be the best version of yourself every single day. Lorraine,you are a great role model and thank you for the opportunity to really get to know myself better.

Salwa Al Hammadi,

Head of Quality and Excellence

United Arab Emirates

I would highly recommend reading the book “Be BrandYOU”.  It has helped me personally to label myself “Brand Me” by getting me to question myself and  identify with my “BIG why”. It is to know myself that is a first priority in creating real change.

I found this book helping me to set my life goals, balance my priorities, create an impact in the world whilst following my purpose and passions.

Be BRAND you helped me to observe how I interact with others and how my surrounding environment and community affect me. These woven together assists in me living the life in true balance. Thanks Lorraine Taylor for creating a great impact in my life.

Biljana Davceva

Lecturer – Macedonia

Be BrandYOU is an introspective and innovative easy-to-read book that allows readers to self-reflect on their identity and project the true essence of themselves onto the world. Through personal stories interwoven throughout the book, tips and easy and interesting to do exercises, this book makes you feel good about your own true self and shows you how to pursue your own passions and to exhibit the best skills possible your true self has in order to be the BRAND you were meant to be.

Konstantina Sakellariou

Author, Advisor for Europe – Rahhalah Explorers


This is a well-structured, go-to manual that offers the basic guidelines on how to carve a meaningful personal path in a world that is often too busy and too noisy. It acts as a good reminder of things we already know but we frequently forget, and assists the reader in creating order in an otherwise obscure and chaotic process.

Saira Ranj,

Educator and ArtistIndia

From the cute as a button font and it’s perfect sizing to the writing style.

From the ease of understanding to it’s simplicity, this book embodies empowerment.

Our author a Distinguished Toastmaster has done a splendid job of weaving wisdom with personal stories and the icing on the cake is the brand work or action sheet at the end of each chapter.

Self help books are invaluable when they are rich in content and substance and if you are well read you may have read a few tips on the concept but the way she breaks it down into simple palatable chunks is simply brilliant.

From a teen to a senior citizen, everyone can enjoy, learn and apply from this book as it’s so relatable. Lorraine Taylor is an altruistic woman with grit and determination and this book is a true dedication of her authentic self to help people from all walks of life.

My verdict -A meaningful and transformational must read.

Seren Khalaf

Health and Beauty Manager – Syria

This book is an adventurous journey to self-discovery. It exploits your inner self and allows you to reflect on the realism of personal ideas and identity. It questions your current lifestyle and helps you understand your inflicting issues. It guides you to a better understanding of the how to balance the pillars of life.

I am grateful for this book as it is a miniature tool for self provocative thinking and self-discovery.

Viviana Andrew

Coach Consultant, Malaysia

The book Be Brand You is absolutely for everyone who wants to rediscover their meaningful identity, build their authentic personal brand which reflects their self-worth, connect and give back to community and build a fulfilling lifestyle. The book has everything; from many examples of personal stories of how she did it, her immense sharing of tips and strategies, the power of social media and the BRAND WORK. I love the BRAND WORKS which allows readers to have a reflection and DO the work to create their own personal brand. I’m absolutely amazed at the tremendous value she shared in this book from her life experiences. Thank you Lorraine for writing on the topic of personal branding with the global perspectives from your living and travelling experiences in different countries.

Debs Taylor-Hayhurst

Business Mentor and Life Coach

Success Factor

New Zealand

I found the book Be BrandYOU to be a great journey of self-discovery, understanding and balance. Lorraine shared her message through wonderful storytelling, quotes and personal experiences making it an easy and interesting read and relatable to any reader. I felt the book was a practical easily understandable read with great ‘brand work’ actions at the end of each chapter.

Oladele Olunike

Lead Consultant – Nigeria

For starters, Lorraine Taylor has not put in your hand a book, but a do-it-yourself tourist’s road map, a navigator’s compass and a captain’s rudder, to help you chart out your path, out of the maze of paths of others whosetowering identities and brands, threaten to drown yours.

Her masterfully told stories, carefully strung-together anecdotes, choicely chosen quotes, well-researched facts and the each-chapter-ending grit “Brand Work” exercises, will give you the feeling that Lorraine is there by your side; guiding you, grooming you and goading you on.

Like the author, this book is authentic on the subject matter. It is practical, easy-to-understand and relatable-to-life and will help you on that direly needed journey from nobody to somebody, from obscurity to notoriety, and from being Brand Others to being Brand YOU!

Acquire. Apply. Appreciate!

Gloria Shishido

Retiree (Project Coordinator) – Hawaii, USA

Toastmasters Past International Director

The book’s description is definitely true to what you’ll experience.  It focuses on individual and personal developments with multiple opportunities to self reflect on the topics presented.   I enjoyed working through the exercises at the end of the chapter solidifying my learning’s of the topics.  I was able to look at myself with a new perspective and then developing the positive aspects of myself.   The life style balance described provides a life long way of Living!  

Teresa Palmer,

Well-Being Consultant/Educator


In Be BrandYou, Lorraine Taylor presents information in a concise, user friendly manner. Creating and marketing our own brand, our fingerprint, is essential to being successful in whatever fuels our passion.
Lorraine gives clarity to the process of not only branding, but, to our life journey and the steps along the way.
I recommend Be BrandYou for all of us who are passionate about creating our best life.

Diann Floyd Boehm

Author – USA

I purchased Be BrandYOU because I liked the title and did not really know what to expect. 

Within minutes I was marking the book, making side notes, writing names down on who needed to read each section. I found that I could not put the book down! It is a book to come back to as one begins to redefine who they are in relation to their work, family and friendships. The quotes and personal stories provided the insight of bringing the balance of unconscious to consciousness in truly understanding who you are, where you want to go and what you want to achieve. Be BrandYOU is engaging and easy to read. I liked the book so much I purchased 4 more books for gifts for friends. 

This is a book for everyone who wants a stronger brand! 

Ann Goh

Melaka, Malaysia

The book Be BrandYOU is simple and easy to understand. Lorraine’s way of writing is sincere and endearing. Her motivation is gentle and encouraging. The questions that she adds within the BrandWork guide the reader and allow them to think and take action according to their circumstances.

Overall, a truly amazing and practical read.

Debbie Williams

Project Manager (retired) – USA

I was wrong, when I started this book I thought it might be a dry read as I find most books on this subject, but this was not the case at all. Lorraine’s book, Be BrandYOU actually held my interest from the beginning to the end. I, particularly liked the format. The short meaningful sections provided ample opportunity to focus on specific themes. I especially liked how she related each concept to her own personal experiences.

Michael R. Erwin

Author and Founder – USA

Whoa! A Great book! Be Brand YOU highlights key factors on creating a successful brand.

be BrandYOU is filled with years of research, reflections and insights from conversations that shed light on YOU as a personal brand. It answers the WHY and the HOW to live BrandYOU in our globally connected world today. This book will inspire you to live your passion, to add value to the people around you, and ultimately, to live the lifestyle that you desire and deserve in our world today.

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A Word from Lorraine

As a successful personal branding coach and motivational speaker, I empower people to transform their lives by combining passion, research, experience, knowledge, skills and talents to add value to readers and audiences.

The recently published book, Be BrandYOU is a motivational guide to inspire and assist you to live the best version of yourself each day as your own unique brand, your BrandYOU.

As you spend the time reading and doing the Brand Work you will take an active role in building your unique and special personal brand that will allow you to live the lifestyle that you desire and deserve. A lifestyle in balance and in rhythm.

It is when you fully embrace your skills, talents and passions that you will continue on your life journey to positively make an IMPACT in our world today.