Connections and Conversations – A Retreat in Greece

Travel, Conversations, Personal Growth and Connections Woven Magically Together for YOU

Experience the full MAGIC of TRAVEL and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT in this ‘specially designed for YOU‘ Greek Retreat. Travel, conversations, personal growth and connections are woven magically together in this Greek Retreat that is like no other.

You will be offered a unique ‘live-like-a-local’ experience as you will be accommodated in a personalised homestay offering you the opportunity to connect with people in an unforgettable way. You will explore, with a personal local guide, Athens and the beautiful mountainous area around Kalavryta town in Peloponnese that combines sea, mountains, lakes, and rivers. Before you know it, you will not be a guest to Greece but, instead, a ‘family member’, an old friend, welcomed into a house that will be like home.

This trip is about connecting with a part of yourself that Greece will undoubtedly bring to the surface.

It is more than an investment into travel, it is a memorable, enjoyable, intense, and nourishing vacation for the body and soul amid the beauties of a timeless landscape. It is an opportunity to be led by a local Greek guide and to be taken on a personal journey with an International Expert in BEing and COMMUNICATING BrandYOU.

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