Mohamed Shukri

A Top Ten Speaker in the World, 2006,Toastmasters

Co-active Coach, Life Speaker


One of my deepest beliefs and highest values is that “being true to yourself is your fastest route to success”. And as a coach myself, I value the effect a coach leaves in the client’s journey and life. Lorraine Taylor was the perfect coach at the perfect time; in an experience that proved to me: she’s a great coach EVERY TIME for anyone who wants to be a WINNER without LOSING him- or herself.

Whether you want to emerge or expand globally, locally or even in your own organization, Lorraine is capable, in just the first session, to help you identify who you truly are and what you are about. And hence, you will both navigate your “branding” in a way that you won’t have to compromise on your internal peace and happiness, nor will you have to give up your passion and dreams to reach out and make the difference you want in your world.

And in all that, you won’t ever find that Lorraine imposes or injects “outer” ideas, nor will you feel she’s too soothing and overlooking when it comes to pushing and challenging your limits. She will work with you, from you and for you.

I’m truly thankful that Lorraine was a great companion at a critical stage in my global reach as a professional speaker. I ACHIEVED my objectives out of that coaching process. However, the rewards I ATTAINED, both outer and inner, are everlasting.

Thank you Lorraine Taylor

Nicola Beer

Relationship and Connection Specialist

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Before I started working with Lorraine on my speech I felt overwhelmed and lost. I had so much information I wanted to share and was confused about how much of my own story I put into the walk and when. During my first session with Lorraine we changed the whole structure of my talk to be more engaging and authentic to me. We looked at ways to connect with the audience and make a lasting impact with some visualisation exercises and tools.

The second follow up session was a practice run and this helped immensely with my confidence, getting feedback on what was working and what I could do better really helped me to have the confidence and belief in myself on stage, which is priceless. If I had continued without getting guidance from Lorraine, I would have stayed constantly questioning myself “is my speech ok?” “Am I doing it right?” Is the information too much or too little.” After each session with Lorraine, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and mind. I will definitely continue working with Lorraine as my mission to help others continues and more invitations to speak come in.

I would recommend Lorraine to anyone who is looking to create and deliver an impactful speech whether in the corporate world or outside of it. Thank you Lorraine, I could not have done it without you.


Trainer/Coach/Inspirational Speaker/Writer/TEDx Speaker


Lorraine’s personal coaching helped me narrow down my career choices and define my purpose. She advised, pointed out my points of strength, pin pointed my areas of improvement, and followed up on every single aspect related to my branding. I found her commenting on every Facebook post, on every tweet, on every Instagram post and even kept an eye on my LinkedIn.

Lorraine is one of the best mentors I have ever had and met. She is always ready to give constructive feedback, edit and brainstorm with her mentee. The thing I like most about Lorraine is that she always guided me but never imposed her ideas or even influenced my decisions. She always gave me my own space and time.

Zaahirah Muthy

Business Development Manager and CEO of ZeeArts

Mauritius and United Arab Emirates

Lorraine is an inspiring role model and Personal Brand Coach. She has the savvy and competency to empower individuals to identify and build their personal brand which is a tremendous asset for leading people in this age.

Her passion as a Toastmaster is an added value in her approach as a Personal Brand, as she is able to guide expertly best communication in any circumstance. I am a concrete product of Lorraine’s Personal Brand coaching sessions and I must say I am a more productive and constructive individual.

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Nancy Tschetner

Contemporary NZ Mixed Media Artist with Natural New Zealand Sand

New Zealand

I had the absolute pleasure to connect and work with Lorraine. Her broad knowledge and passion have helped me to develop my brand and unfold immense opportunities. She never fails to inspire.

Lorraine brings new ideas and a refreshing perspective to every conversation. Her authentic way of telling stories and passing on information is empowering and connects nations.

She is a fantastic branding coach, mentor, and a true inspiration. Her infectious commitment and outlook on building community, encourages people all around the world. She motivates us, to be the best we can and make an impact for the greater good of humanity and our entire planet.

Victoria Ferrer, DTM, MDC, CIPTM

Motivational Speaker-Multi-Cultural Leadership Expert

Past Regional Advisor Toastmasters International


I am proud of my professional association with Lorraine Taylor, DTM. We have been associated through Toastmasters for the last five years. I had approached her to be my Personal Branding Coach in 2015. My sessions with her are value driven and helpful in terms of my overall development as a leader and communicator. She goes out of her way to explain in detail the how and the why of concepts that I should know. In that way, I could learn, appreciate and implement whatever is needed to reach my goals. I have been recommending Lorraine’s professional service to my colleagues because I believe she has the passion and expertise to help others in their pursuit of Personal Branding. I have gained more knowledge and I am still learning!

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Dr.Mitra Haljizadeh

Director and Manager at Merit Wellbeing Centre

London, UK

Lorraine’s personal branding workshops are just that, “personal”. I have had the pleasure of attending a few of her workshops in the past few years. She has a gift of seeing the utmost potential in each person and assists them to realise their unique possibilities. I came away from her sessions with actions steps and ideas to implement. Her thoughtful coaching challenges, yet inspires, as she weaves her positive energy, listening skills, and experience into each session she leads.

I have also had the privilege of benefiting from Lorraine’s mentoring as a speaking coach. She is an inspiring and successful speaker that willingly shares this with others to assist them in developing their skills as a communicator today.

Linda Sage

Compassion Fatigue Mindset Consultant

Lorraine is a unique individual, who can see the potential of another person and enable them to achieve more than they thought possible. She listens and enables people to really explore the outcomes they want, allowing them to push past the limits that they set.
Lorraine is logical, practical and extremely insightful in her methods and support. She plots a path with challenging, but stimulating goals. Even with experienced speakers, and leaders, Lorraine has shown me new ways and exciting opportunities that I had not considered.
It has been my pleasure to learn from and work with Lorraine as she is a very generous lady that adds value through her expertise, knowledge and experience. When you sign up with her you get far more than money can buy.
I have no qualms in recommending Lorraine to anyone, as I am sure you will be very happy with your work with her.

Sally-Ann Davies

Co FounderTaupo Art Connection, Artist

New Zealand

I would definitely recommend Lorraine as a very knowledgeable, experienced and skilful Personal Branding Coach. She has a vast knowledge and experience with a variety of online and offline sites to help enhance your business/brand. Lorraine is really passionate and dedicated to helping you develop your businesses so you keep up to date with a digital market that is continually changing.