Sharing your messages and content today is the way that you will engage with your community. Your community includes those that you connect with face-to-face and those that you interact with online.

The best way to continually engage with people is to wrap your ideas and messages into stories.

Storytelling captivates and connects.

The question is, where do we find the stories to share?

Fill your life with travel and you will have stories to share.

3 Ways Travel Makes You a Better Storyteller

1. Traveling teaches you to become more perceptive.

I have travelled my whole life. Before my early 20s, the travel I did was focused locally. I would travel to nearby towns and even to nearby states that were just beyond the boundaries of Colorado. Once I left the United States, travel became a part of life. I was enchanted by what I could learn by just being more aware.

Travel forces you to be more perceptive. You leave the boundaries of your comfort zone and venture beyond to places that you are unsure. You become more perceptive to your environment and your experiences firstly out of necessity and then through developed curiosity.

Perceptive people pick up on things that others miss because they are innately more aware. A good storyteller shares the details and captures the 5 senses. Storytellers are innately aware of their surroundings and keenly sharpen this tool as they step out of their comfort zone and venture beyond, travelling to new and different places.

The storyteller is perceptive of their experiences and their environment. They translate this within the stories they tell.

2. Travel connects you with others through shared conversations.

Travelling with others is a unique experience that connects you to other people’s ideas and thoughts.

The best conversations that I have experienced are those shared whilst traveling with others. Last year I travelled to Greece with a small group of travellers, living like a local and experiencing the people and the country intimately.

Each meal time the conversation of the days events occurred. Each person had their own story to tell, with their own twist, often of the same event. As the conversations continued the connections between us grew deeper.

I will be travelling back to Greece shortly to lead a group of travellers who are keen to have such shared experiences and to up-level their ability to engage with others through the natural human connection of storytelling.

There are a few spaces left on the Retreat in Greece.

Conversations connect the stories and the storyteller to create understanding that is shared.

3. Traveling allows you to share your stories in different channels.

As humans we have been telling stories for the past 28 000 years. Today the new communication platforms have made it easy for us to share our stories in multiple channels.

Storytelling today is shared through blogging, podcasts, and video. Stories can be shared as they happen  as Facebook and Instagram stories. As humans we naturally gravitate to connecting with others by following people’s stories through the social media channels that exist today.

As part of the Retreat in Greece we will be exploring different channels to share our stories and to connect through the online communication channels that exist today.

There is so many ways to tell stories now. Social media allows us to not only tell that story, but to distribute that story in a really powerful way. – Dave Kerpen

Let travel turn you into the storyteller that connects and engages through the messages that you share today.


Lorraine Taylor assists YOU to BE and COMMUNICATE BrandYOU effectively and successfully.

Join the Retreat in Greece, let travel connect you with the storyteller within you.

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