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Check out the Conversational Interview with Erin Hodgson from New Zealand on the beBrandYOU to IMPACToday Show.

Erin Hodgson’s entrepreneurial journey has led her to meet amazing women who serve the world from such a place of deep love and benevolence, and she has found herself drawn to serve these women in return. Every single one of them has a superpower, a message that comes from their core, and yet so many struggle to bring that to the surface and give it voice.

Erin helps women to write their legacy book. These are women who are world changers. Impactful, powerful, purposeful women who are destined to share their soul message with the world, to be on stages, on airwaves, in print, and on screen.

Erin helps them from the first inklings of a concept, through to the process of self publishing and marketing. She works with these women intuitively and intensively, guiding them to the words that will make them stand out and be heard.


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