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I always wanted to write a book.  Often times what we want to do never materialises.

Why is that?

Sometimes it is because we never make the time to accomplish the dreams that we have.

But what happens if we do actually make the time?

I did. I wanted to write a book.  I set aside  time to write each day, well most days.  The days that I could do so.

Each morning I would grab a coffee, find a nice place outside as that is where my creative thoughts easily flow.

But they didn’t flow.

Nothing happened.

I questioned myself.  “Could I really, one day, be an author?  Maybe it was just a dream of mine.  Maybe it was not meant to be my reality.”

One morning while reading before trying to write I came across a quote that I had heard before. “What we perceive we achieve.”

What we PERCEIVE we achieve.

Despite making the time to write each day my perception was that I was not a writer.  I was not an author.

One of the biggest reasons that we do not achieve our dreams is that we do not perceive them to be a reality that we can achieve.

Our perceptions are powerful thoughts.  If our perception is that we will not accomplish our goal then our perceptions become a road blocks that stop us from accomplishing our dreams.  However, when our perceptions have a clear purpose, persistence and passion they allow us to move forward to successfully greet the challenges before us.

There is a great deal of research that continues to remind us that our minds are powerful tools that will enable us to accomplish our dreams.

Strategically managing your perception of who you are is like directing your own movie.  As you dream about the life that you desire and deserve be sure that you are the director of your own movie.  Let the movie re-enact the perceptions that your passions drive you to be the person that is the star of your story.


You have 60 000 thoughts a day.  What are yours telling you?  Are your thoughts creating road blocks that prevent you from accomplishing your goals and dreams?  OR, are they empowering you to live a life with a passion of purpose and persistence?

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