Lorraine offers the ‘BestFit’ as a Personal Coach

  • She combines her passion, research, knowledge, skills and talents to ensure that each individual jumps into the drivers seat of their BRAND.
  • She has an in-depth and practical understanding of today’s world with it’s multiple communication channels online and evolving changes in the virtual landscape.
  • She understands the ever growing importance to define and communicate who we are today both Face-to Face and Online.
  • She knows that each person is a unique individual and specialises in providing a Unique Fit in her coaching style.
  • Lorraine is the Personal Coach that empowers YOU to build your BRAND.

One Time Session

Personal Coaching
  • 60 minute Skype or Face-to-Face Session
  • 3 follow up emails
  • Collaborative Space

One Session Monthly

+ Collaborative Virtual Space
  • ONE 60 minute Skype or Face-to-Face sessions per month
  • Follow up emails
  • Virtual Collaborative Spaces available throughout month
  • 3 month package = 10% savings
  • 6 month package = 15% savings
  • 12 month package = 20% savings

Build BrandYOU to make an IMPACToday

Invest in Personal Brand Coaching. Invest in YOU.

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